[manjaro-dev] testing latest gnome image for Sonar

Mark Peveto southernprince73 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 18:18:20 CET 2017

Hi folks,
Built the latest Sonar gnome this morning after doing a git pull and receiving a few updates, and noticed the thus installer's back where it should be.  Two things I did notice, though.
If for any reason you hafta answser a yes or no question during the install, you have to press alt y or alt n for yes or no, instead of being able to tab to them like normal.  After I got past
that, and got the installer going, instead of installing, it said file system does not exist, and bailed on me.
This was using the following command.
sudo buildiso -p gnome-edition -b unstable.

Mark Peveto
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