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Mark Peveto southernprince73 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 10:55:41 CET 2017

Hi all,
I'm not sure if kendell's already done this or not, but since I was awake and not sure if it was information you needed
or not, I thought I'd pass on what I have.
He has resigned as head of the Sonar project, and at his request, I've taken over that position.  Again, this was at his
request, and I know he'll back that statement.  I'd like to touch base with Manjaro devs later this week to see where
we are in development of the new tools, how to get them, and when we might be able to start building new Sonar images
We've been at a stand still for a while, and our user base is getting restless.  I honestly don't blame them.  When you
instal the last working images from last July, post install, there are over 700 updates, and those can take a long long
time to get through if you don't have a wonderful internet connection.
I'm fresh meat, so have a lot to learn about being a project head, but the few times I've worked with you, we've managed
to do so pretty well.  Now we just get to take that to another level, I hope.  I'm one of the Sonar users that is
totally blind, so will approach Sonar from that angle.  I think Kendell has a tiny bit of vision, so could sometiems
tell you what he was seeing on the screen.  Unfortunately, that I can't do, but can run any commands you need me to and
try to get  you their output when it comes to troubleshooting.
If you need any more info on the situation, I'd probably hafta refer you to Kendell.  But if you have any info that'd be
useful to me, please send it my way.

Mark Peveto
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