[manjaro-dev] Latest kernel - maintenance helper

Fabian plusfabi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 23:02:18 CET 2016

For a while I use a little set of meta packages to maintain all my instances 
of manjaro. Because on Manjaro its really a burden to keep track of the 
kernels (especially for AMD users, who need to be on a more recent version) 
all the time.

So I have created a pkgbuild, that builds 

without any content, but links to(depends on) (ATM) linux48(-*). With release 
of linux49, it will depend on linux49(-*) and so on. This way its really easy 
to have the latest version without any user interaction.

It will also conflict with EOL kernels, so you dont collect old kernels 

Now I thought this could also be interesting for Manjaro upstream, too. 
Because it would make things easier for many users.

Just in case, there is a github repo for it - to look at it 

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