[manjaro-dev] LightDM instead GDM

Jonathon Fernyhough jonathon at manjaro.org
Thu Oct 27 22:25:51 CEST 2016

On 27/10/16 21:07, Ste74 wrote:
> Hi all , i started the work with Gnome ISO and Budgie ISO for 16.10
> release but for Gnome is my intention switch the Display Manager into
> LightDM because in my hand GDM not work fine and i can't trace any new
> issue with it ..
> In second instance all of our major GTK DE or WM use LightDM so in my
> end is better use only one DM
> If anyone have objection this is the time for say  :)

GNOME and Budgie are Community Editions? Then do whatever makes life
easy for you. :)

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