[manjaro-dev] buildiso: very very slow or crashy when building sonar iso files

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 01:17:13 CEST 2016

No worries, we'll figure something out. Jonathan Nadeau says he's been
having some problems building our gnome profile, and I'm looking into
that. He says it's not a profile issue or an mt issue, but he thinks his
mirror might've been having problems since the scripts were saying they
couldn't completely download packages. The user issue sounds like an mt
issue, since everything I can see in the profiles looks fine, including
the profile.conf files. I'd look into mt but I wouldn't have a clue
which file to edit, and even if I knew that the bash code is so complex
I'd be in over my head lol. There is one question I have though. The
manjaro-tools package group might need updating since you guys have
replaced manjaro-efi-shell with manjaro-efi-utils. I had to tell pacman
to ignore dependency errors to update since otherwise it would break
when trying to remove manjaro-efi-shell. This is an easy fix in the
pkgbuild I think and I can make it if you guys want. My other question
has to do with efitools. Was this added to try to improve support for
secure boot since secure boot is practically mandatory on new pc's
thanks to microsoft? This whole thing is over my head but I did wonder.
There's also the matter of the weird thing ms is doing with some of
lenovo's laptops. They're using some sort of non standard raid mode that
only windows can understand for now to try to force people into using
it, and that's likely to impact us if the linux kernel people can't
figure out a way around it. This has nothing to do with mt though, just
me thinking out loud. I know you're busy, so tell me how I can help and
I'll get right on it.
Kendell Clark

Philip Müller wrote:
> Hi Kendell,
> since I've no time for checking the sonar profiles I really don't know
> their status. Also Marcus is working on mt-0.14 series already, which
> uses a new style of profile structure.
> Me on the other hand using still mt-0.13 series with my branch
> 16.10-dev. So I don't know what the status on the master branch for our
> profiles is currently at all.
> The user issue might be fixable. However I've to review your code first
> to see if it is still compatible with some kind of version of
> manjaro-tools. Seems we currently have a mixed situation since the
> profile breakage was not communicated yet.
> Also we should decide on how we use branches together and were we commit
> our changes. This however is more a general problem we have with
> manjaro-tools development at the moment.
> Hope we will find a common solution together.
> greez from Munich, Philip
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