[manjaro-dev] minor issues building sonar media

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 12:09:42 CEST 2016

I haven't hard coded those settings, but I have set them. It's set to
use the stable branch by default and the 4.4 lts kernel. That's odd that
those options don't work, could it be a bug in buildiso maybe? I've just
had to add efitools to the mhwd, hardware detection packages because
without it the scripts can't find the efi files to copy over to enable
both secure and non secure boot efi. This mac really isn't cut out to do
sonar building, it takes ages because of it's turtle specs. I'm
determined to fix this though because we need to make your weekly images
available alongside the official stable images. That's always been my
goal. Only I don't know how to do website coding or they'd already be
available. You do a fantastic service for sonar and more people need to
use your images as well as the official ones from sonar.

Kendell Clark

Simon Eigeldinger wrote:
> Hi,
> has that been fixed in sonar?
> the buildiso branch and kernel command line options seem to have no
> effect in the image building.
> i wonder if kendell has hardcoded those things into the config files?
> greetings,
> simon
> Am 02.10.2016 um 11:06 schrieb kendell clark:
>> hi
>> I always use unstable to build against, only using stable for official
>> images. I wish I had more sight so I could say exactly what the login
>> screen looks like, but what I do know is that the sonar user nor the
>> manjaro user seem to be there, and f4 doesn't turn on orca, even though
>> it's configured to be enabled by default. I'm looking into the lightdm
>> issues now. I've renamed the mate-sonar profile to mate-full as you
>> might've seen if you've been following the git logs. No worries, we're
>> in no rush, I'm only reporting this hear so someone can look into it
>> when you guys have time, we're still a couple of weeks away from
>> release. So I should update to the manjaro-tools-git package? That's
>> great, I'll do that now and re test.
>> Thanks
>> Kendell Clark
>> Philip Müller wrote:
>>> Hi Kendell,
>>> the current master branch is for mt-0.14.x series now. Also some
>>> packages are still in queue to be merged with stable branch.
>>> Currently only the unstable branch and latest gitsnapshot of
>>> manjaro-tools and profiles work. Please report the current errors you
>>> have with your profile and we try to fix them.
>>> I had not yet the time to check the latest commits in master branch.
>>> I'm
>>> currently using my own branch 16.10-dev which is older and still
>>> compatible to 0.13.x series, at least for KDE and XFCE profiles.
>>> Please contact Marcus (artoo), since he is currently reconstructing the
>>> profiles. Maybe he can pinpoint the issue you may currently have.
>>> greez, Phil
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