[manjaro-dev] gsettings help needed on sonar's gnome profile

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 10:16:52 CEST 2016

hi all
Since we're stabilizing the base before putting back the extra software,
I decided to give gnome a try. It seems to work fine, except for the
following things that are over my head to do
Our gnome profile isn't using our sonar sound theme, even though the
gsettings schema looks like it sets it to do so. I wanted to try fixing
it but the last time I tried this I broke gsettings horribly lol.
Our custom shortcuts for opening the system monitor and running
ocrdesktop don't seem to work. Lastly, the accessibility shortcuts for
turning on and off the magnifier (called zoom in gnome), increasing and
decreasing the magnification, turning on high contrast and making the
text larger and smaller (when high contrast is on) don't seem to work.
I'm so sorry to bring this all up at once, but I can't safely change
gsettings stuff without breaking it. If someone wouldn't mind looking
into this, no hurry at all I promise, I'll keep working on getting that
bug fixed where root apps don't work so we can finally use calamares.
It's proving to be one difficult bug to crack. By the way I'm so sorry
I've been flaking on updating my packages, I've seen a couple of updates
on packages I maintain, I haven't found a way to get news about updates
without having to subscribe to each packages announce mailing list.
Which I'll do if I have to, although I'll use a different email address
for that. WHat's the password for my manjaro.org email again or didI
change it already? I'll use that for official sonar stuff. Does the
manjaro server support imap and pop3? I ask because I'm going to have to
set it up in thunderbird and I'm not sure.

Kendell Clark

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