[manjaro-dev] important brltty update needed, I've already got the pkgbuild and such ready

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 01:28:18 CEST 2016


Thanks a lot bernhard for that tip. I've updated the pkgbuild and have 
uploaded the 64 bit package. Should I also add the pkgbuild and the 
supporting service and install files to the packages-extra repo, or do 
you want to rely on the arch package? The only thing ours does 
differently is to add that "api-parameters auth=polkit" config option to 
/etc/brltty.conf, and it's already there we're just removing the 
comment. It also copies the polkit rule file from 
"authorization/org.brltty.policy" to /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d, and 
those two lines can easily be contributed upstream, if the arch people 
will take them. They can be a little ... mmm ... iffy on accepting help. 
At least that's what I've noticed. I've been trying to upload a 32 bit 
package but I keep running into that "main: unable to allocate memory" 
error in buildpkg, even after changing the make line to "make -j1". I'm 
stumped on that one.
Kendell Clark

On 08/30/2016 02:21 AM, Bernhard Landauer wrote:
> Hi Kendell.
> If you like I can edit your PKGBUILD tonight. Atm I do't have the 
> computer on me ...
> But you can just do it by adding this sed line at the end of package() 
> function:
> sed -i '/Auth=polkit/s/^#//' $pkgdir/etc/brltty.conf
> kind regards
> Bernhard
> On 30/08/16 07:27, kendell clark wrote:
>> hi all
>> Since brltty 5.4 is out, I decided to look at the changes. One very 
>> important change is that brltty can now use policy kit to grant 
>> access to braille devices instead of relying on the permissions of 
>> the /etc/brlapi.key file being set properly. This makes it much much 
>> easier for me to make braille work out of the box on sonar. However, 
>> I'm not sure how to modify the pkgbuild how it needs to. All that's 
>> needed is for a script to remove the comment sign in front of
>> api-parameters Auth=polkit        # authenticate via Polkit
>> in the config file, which is in /etc/brltty.conf. The line would need 
>> to be after the line that copies that file into /etc because before 
>> it's in the "Documents" folder. I'm attaching the pkgbuild, already 
>> updated to use 5.4, with the correct md5-sums for the modified 
>> service file. I've tarred them all up into an archive since the 
>> pkgbuild, service file and the install file all need to be in the 
>> same folder together. Would someone mind maybe looking into what 
>> might be needed to remove that comment so that braille works out of 
>> the box? I'm just about to take a nice long nap. If no one's looked 
>> at it by the time I wake up I'll try to take a look myself. Don't 
>> worry I'm not rushing or ... yawn ... anything, man I'm tired. This 
>> is important but by no means critical.
>> Thanks
>> Kendell Clark
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