[manjaro-dev] important brltty update needed, I've already got the pkgbuild and such ready

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 07:27:25 CEST 2016

hi all

Since brltty 5.4 is out, I decided to look at the changes. One very 
important change is that brltty can now use policy kit to grant access 
to braille devices instead of relying on the permissions of the 
/etc/brlapi.key file being set properly. This makes it much much easier 
for me to make braille work out of the box on sonar. However, I'm not 
sure how to modify the pkgbuild how it needs to. All that's needed is 
for a script to remove the comment sign in front of

api-parameters Auth=polkit        # authenticate via Polkit

in the config file, which is in /etc/brltty.conf. The line would need to 
be after the line that copies that file into /etc because before it's in 
the "Documents" folder. I'm attaching the pkgbuild, already updated to 
use 5.4, with the correct md5-sums for the modified service file. I've 
tarred them all up into an archive since the pkgbuild, service file and 
the install file all need to be in the same folder together. Would 
someone mind maybe looking into what might be needed to remove that 
comment so that braille works out of the box? I'm just about to take a 
nice long nap. If no one's looked at it by the time I wake up I'll try 
to take a look myself. Don't worry I'm not rushing or ... yawn ... 
anything, man I'm tired. This is important but by no means critical.


Kendell Clark

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