[manjaro-dev] minor problems building frobtads 32 bit package

Bernhard Landauer oberon at manjaro.org
Mon Aug 1 18:29:12 CEST 2016

I think that will not work, since gcc in the repo has been updated and 
is not available <6 ...

I am confused a bit now, though, that gcc5 does not conflict gcc and I 
wonder how you can make frobtads use gcc5 instead of gcc(6) if it is 
installed in the chroot. I guess you'll have to build with -c flag for 
that - I just don't want to try that right now - with all the kernels I 
have currently installed the rebuild of all the dkms-modules will take 
ages when I need them next time ;)

I guess I should install a 32bit sooner or later on a separate partition 
for that, too ...

On 01/08/16 18:17, Ste74 wrote:
> Maybe  gcc<=5 :p in makedepends?

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