[manjaro-dev] issues with sonar's calamares branding

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 07:52:21 CEST 2016

Ah, then it is a sonar problem. Do you by any chance know anything about
gsettings? That's what I suspect is the problem keeping gnome's keyboard
shortcuts working like they should. If so, would you mind taking a look
at our gsettings override file in
git://github.com/manjaro/desktop-settings in sonar>gnome>schemas and
fixing it if you can? I'm out of my depth hear. I don't know enough to
do much but small edits, and I usually end up breaking things when I try.
Kendell Clark

Ste74 wrote:
> Il 2016-07-16 04:25 kendell clark ha scritto:
>> hi all
>> Since sonar 16.07 is out, the mate version at least, I am determined
>> that the next release of sonar use calamares. Udevd just did some
>> fantastic work on our sonar calamares branding to make it automatically
>> update the version when built. However, when launching calamares,
>> calamares is using manjaro's branding instead of ours. I'm not seeing
>> any obvious errors in the branding files and calamares displays no
>> errors in the terminal that I can see, but something's going on. Would
>> someone mind taking a look when they have time? This isn't critical by
>> any means, we've got several months until the next sonar release. I'm
>> just trying to fix gnome's issues with keyboard shortcuts so I can
>> release sonar gnome. I'm beginning to think it might be a gnome issue
>> and not a sonar issue, since when I tested fedora 24 the shortcuts for
>> turning on orca and raising and lowering the volume didn't work even
>> though they were set. Can anyone who uses gnome confirm this? Just try
>> pressing alt+windows+s, which toggles orca if installed, or try pressing
>> your volume up or down keys to see if they work. If they do then it is a
>> sonar issue and I've got to look harder. I may need some help there, I'm
>> not very good with gsettings keys.
>> Thanks
>> Kendell Clark
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> Hi Kendell , i have installed orca just now . i have try the
> shortucuts alt+windows+s and it work , switch on/off orca normally .
> Also the volume button in my laptop working normally. In terminal i
> have launched orca and then orca talk me the welcome message .If your
> sonar profile is up to date i can try to build a test image for sonar
> gnome if you like .
> Cheers
> Stefano

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