[manjaro-dev] a couple of calamares questions

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 06:36:55 CEST 2016

hi all
I'm in the last stages of bugfixing before the final sonar 2016.07
release. The thus installer is proving to be a mess and the bugs haven't
gotten fixed yet. I'm not writing to complain about thus though, but to
try to see if anyone knows how I might use calamares instead. Calamares
is completely accessible when run as the logged in user with calamares
-d. I mean completely accessible. Labeled controls and everything.
Fantastic installer. However, when I press the next button, it
immediately crashes and launches the crash reporter. Great tool by the
way. I know calamares needs root privilages to do it's job but would it
be possible to have it go through policy kit or pam, using a pam config
file or something? I've said this numerous times before so I won't
repeat the entire convoluted tangle, but apps run as root are invisible
to orca. I'm writing in to hope that someone might know how to rig up
calamares so that sonar users can use it to install, replacing thus
which you guys desperately want to get rid of and which we're happy to
see go. I tried to get the paldo people to let us use their installer
but I never could get it working right with manjaro. @teo: you're the
only one who apart from phil has been willing to work with me on fixing
calamares's accessibility issues. Is this possible, what I'm trying to
do? Run calamares with the privilages of a normal user and yet it be
able to elevate when needed? The alternative could also be to separate
calamares out into a daemon and ui process. The daemon could run as
root, and the ui could run as logged in user, that way orca would be
able to see it and interact with it but you guys wouldn't have to
rewrite calamares from the ground up just for us blind users, which I
realize is a lot of work. No new thus issues have cropped up by the way,
just the freezing after keyboard layout and the accessibility issues.
Kendell Clark

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