[manjaro-dev] major issues with samba

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 02:05:02 CEST 2016

hi all
Some of my sonar users have reported that after the latest update to
samba, their previously working samba configs stopped working. I've
noticed this myself and I'm stumped as to what to try next. The errors
you recieve are as follows.
"error: unable to mount windows share. Invalid argument. Please select
another viewer and try again."
This is the one I get myself when trying to connect to my fiance's
windows 7 machine and it's very cryptic. I don't know what it means but
I've tried other file managers  (nautilus, pcmanfm) to no avail.
"error: unable to mount windows share. Connection refused/connection
timed out."
I sometimes get this one if the windows computer has gone to sleep.
"error: unable to mount windows share. Failed to retrieve share list
from server. No such file or directory."
I don't usually get this one, but you can if samba isn't configured
properly. I didn't get any errors about invalid samba configs when
running samba to check it's config, and I don't remember seeing warnings
about my config being replaced with the default configs. I don't know
much about samba, but is it possible to specify that samba should
autoconfigure itself, at least as far as work group name, and security
settings are concerned? I don't use windows myself, but I'm told it
autoconfigures itself so none of this configuring is needed, and I was
hoping I could set samba to do the same. What should I try next to get
samba going? I'd like to get samba working as automatically as I can in
time for the 2016.6 release so that new users to sonar will be able to
access windows computers over the network with as little configuring as
possible. Should I check my samba configuration, downgrade samba?
Kendell Clark

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