[manjaro-dev] Fwd: Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi, all fail at drop-down menus on some web pages - 2

Jonathon Fernyhough jonathon at manjaro.org
Sun Apr 17 15:32:17 CEST 2016

He's installing AUR packages on a community edition and expecting
everything to work smoothly.

He also mentions r.e. Opera "the stable one is outdated in your repo".
Opera is not available in the Manjaro repo so I've no idea what he's
installing or from where.

Comparing Manjaro to Debian is silly as the package versions (and
everything else) are entirely different.

I wonder whether he has done an update at any stage - if he's running
Cinnamon "16.02" then there will have been any number of updates since then.


On 17/04/16 13:24, Philip Müller wrote:
> Ideas?
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> Betreff: Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi, all fail at drop-down menus on some
> web pages - 2
> Datum: Sun, 17 Apr 2016 12:58:24 +0100
> Von: gyro <gyro at gmx.net>
> An: support at manjaro.org
> I have been trying out Manjaro Cinnamon 16.02 for the last three days. A
> lot of time and work, since most software I need is in AUR and it took
> hours to download and compile.
> Now, I have just noticed the drop-down menus in certain web pages do not
> work in any of the Chrome-derived browsers! Even though they work
> perfectly well in Firefox. I can see the drop-down entries, yet
> selecting any has not effect whatsoever.
> Yesterday, I had found that page turning was unduly slow with Chrome,
> Opera or Vivaldi at archive.org, say:
> https://archive.org/stream/shorthistoryofph00buck
> though normally fast with Firefox... What is wrong with the Chrome
> engine in Manjaro (only)?!
> All this on an HP Elite 8000 with E8400 processor and standard Intel
> graphics.
> I trust you will look into the problem and fix it.
> Kind regards.
> Gyro
> I found out why in the following hours,,, it was Flash! By installing
> Pepper Flash dev version 217 _and_ uninstalling Chrome, I fixed Opera
> (beta, the stable one is outdated in your repo)! Chrome and Vivaldi
> could not be fixed, even with 217. This happens with Manjaro (Cinnamon)
> alone, Flash 216 and the browsers work fine everywhere with other
> distros (Debian),
> Way too much work and too many inconveniences yet with Manjaro, even
> though Cinnamon is working right at long last. Its ghastly font
> rendering cannot be fixed anymore as described in several websites, with
> or without Infinality. Any distro meant for general use should display
> text very properly! Manjaro could well be the best Linux available but
> for such major problems and the essential software (mostly from AUR) did
> not take ages and ages and ages to install (attended all along,
> besides). It took me three days to see Manjaro as I needed it, only to
> notice the Flash interference in certain web pages after all the work I
> had...
> Whom is Manjaro meant for, really? Practical users like myself cannot
> afford it.
> Kind regards.
> Gyro

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