[manjaro-dev] package request from some of my users

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 11:02:40 CEST 2016

hi all
I really hate to bother you guys, but I'm getting a lot of requests for
a package called dots. It's a braille document editor, which is able to
take text files and convert them into braille, and vice versa. I've
checked and there's no aur package for it, although there used to.
However, you can check out the source code at git://git.gnome.org/dots.
Would someone mind packaging this for manjaro? I'd like to add this to
sonar, since it's an accessibility package, and could come in handy for
people who have braille embossers (basically a printer that prints
braille instead of print) or braille displays. Phil, would it be
possible for me to become a packager? I have a package gpg key around
here somewhere, although I'll probably make a new one since I really
don't know for sure where it is. I'd like to start pulling my own weight
ratehr than adding more and more packages onto people's workloads. Not
that I'm complaining at all, but I'd like to start giving back to the
community who has given me and the rest of the blind community so very much.

Kendell Clark

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