[manjaro-dev] confusion over gconf settings

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 08:55:29 CET 2016

Your theme sounds a lot better than what we were using. The problem is,
I don't know how to change this. Do you? If so, I can quickly change
this in our mate profiles. I just got the new mate settings package,
I'll build a test image to see if everything works.
Thanks for all your help
Kendell Clark

Bernhard Landauer wrote:
> Hi Kendell!
> I think that the keybindings were simply using the wrong key codes.
> When I use mate-control-center to change them, modifiers are being
> referred to as Mod4 instead of Super and Ctrl instead od Primary ;)
> Later tonight I will have more time and will try with the overrides
> again with those names and then also see if I can get the custom
> keybindings to work like that :)
> I can also see for the panel configuration with a properly placed
> menu. I think I know how to fix that.
> Also I am wondering if it will be a good idea to make it a little
> larger and about gtk-theming if we could use something with better
> contrast maybe?
> At the moment theming defaults to Menta and I am wondering if
> Adwaita-Manjaro-Dark with britght items on a dark panel and dark
> window title bars wouldn't be better... Could you check that?
> I'm afraid I have not idea about the default volume level, yet...
> regards
> Bernhard
> On 25/03/16 15:16, kendell clark wrote:
>> hi
>> Ok, I think I've gotten stuck again lol. I generated a pulseaudio-ctl
>> config file which was valid according to the manpage, but when I built
>> an image it didn't get applied. I then generated a desktop launcher that
>> would essential turn the volume up to 70 percent then exit, but the
>> image build process errored out because manjaro-live-skel already has
>> one. But why isn't the one in manjaro-live-skel being executed? Once
>> this and the volume keyboard shortcuts get sorted out I can finally
>> release the mate image.
>> Thanks
>> Kendell Clark
>> kendell clark wrote:
>>> hi
>>> I don't believe it does work actually. I was just looking at that an
>>> hour ago. I don't know pulseaudio-ctl that well, but it looks like it
>>> should work. Have you had any luck with the volume keyboard shortcuts?
>>> The dconf stuff looks correct, but when I press them, the volume
>>> doesn't
>>> change.
>>> Thanks
>>> Kendell Clark
>>> Bernhard Landauer wrote:
>>>> Kendell have you checked if the volume setting in
>>>> $HOME/.config/pulseaudio-ctl/config works? It is currently set to 70%
>>>> - well, that should normally be enough. Maybe the syntax there needs
>>>> checking?
>>>> On 25/03/16 05:37, kendell clark wrote:
>>>>> hi
>>>>> Having tested our mate image, everything I reported has been fixed,
>>>>> except the keyboard shortcuts. I must've really screwed something up
>>>>> lol. When I press the volume down, up and mute shortcuts, nothing
>>>>> seems
>>>>> to happen. If I reassign them to a different keyboard shortcut and
>>>>> then
>>>>> press that shortcut, I seem to lose sound. I'm stumped. Would you
>>>>> mind
>>>>> looking into this, burnhard? Thank you so much for all your help,
>>>>> we're
>>>>> so close to being ready for release thanks to you.
>>>>> Thanks
>>>>> Kendell Clark
>>>>> kendell clark wrote:
>>>>>> hi
>>>>>> Thank you very much for all your help. I'm building an image now to
>>>>>> test. About the panel, I'm not sure what to do. The main menu applet
>>>>>> isn't there, even though in the layout file it's clearly there. This
>>>>>> isn't a huge problem since it still shows up when the right
>>>>>> keypress is
>>>>>> pressed, but instead of being locked to the bottom left hand side of
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> screen it shows up all over the place lol. It's more of a cosmetic
>>>>>> thing. Do you know how I might increase the sound volume? It's quite
>>>>>> low, and I've gotten a lot of reports about that, but I don't
>>>>>> know how
>>>>>> to fix it. I completely agree, we should keep our desktop settings
>>>>>> package in stable while it's being worked on, then move it to stable
>>>>>> once it's working.
>>>>>> Thanks
>>>>>> Kendell Clark
>>>>>> Bernhard Landauer wrote:
>>>>>>> I've pushed a corrected version to all branches now, Kendell.
>>>>>>> Please
>>>>>>> try it.
>>>>>>> I am wondering about the panel settings... Have to not specified
>>>>>>> any
>>>>>>> customization or are they not working? I don't see a menu or active
>>>>>>> window listed and stuff like that!
>>>>>>> greetings Bernhard
>>>>>>> On 25/03/16 00:53, Bernhard Landauer wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hi Kendell!
>>>>>>>> I was able to find some errors in your overrides.
>>>>>>>> Some of the paths need to be without "desktop", so for example
>>>>>>>> org.mate.background instead of org.mate.desktop.background, and so
>>>>>>>> on.
>>>>>>>> Also the string values nees single quotes.
>>>>>>>> I will correct everything I found and then push it to
>>>>>>>> desktop-settings and build the package again.
>>>>>>>> I will notify you when it's ready - maybe lets try it first in
>>>>>>>> unstable and the when it is fine we'll push it on.
>>>>>>>> greetings
>>>>>>>> Bernhard
>>>>>>>> On 24/03/16 21:08, Bernhard Landauer wrote:
>>>>>>>>> I will build your profile and have a look later tonight :)
>>>>>>>>> On 24/03/16 20:18, kendell clark wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> hi all
>>>>>>>>>> I've just gotten the new sonar mate settings desktop package.
>>>>>>>>>> I'm
>>>>>>>>>> completely stumped though. When I boot our sonar live image, the
>>>>>>>>>> keyboard shortcuts are set to what they're supposed to do,
>>>>>>>>>> but they
>>>>>>>>>> don't seem to work. I've set the sound theme to our sonar sound
>>>>>>>>>> theme,
>>>>>>>>>> but when I go into the sound settings to check, it still
>>>>>>>>>> defaults
>>>>>>>>>> to no
>>>>>>>>>> sounds. When I press alt+control+t to launch a terminal, even
>>>>>>>>>> though I
>>>>>>>>>> set the default terminal app to be gnome terminal, I get an
>>>>>>>>>> error
>>>>>>>>>> because mate thinks I have mate terminal set. Would someone mind
>>>>>>>>>> taking
>>>>>>>>>> a look at our gschema override? I'm not at all sure what to do
>>>>>>>>>> to fix
>>>>>>>>>> this. I'd like to have our sonar background be the background,
>>>>>>>>>> and it
>>>>>>>>>> seems to be set properly, but when I boot the mate image it's
>>>>>>>>>> not,
>>>>>>>>>> it's
>>>>>>>>>> some other background. I need help.
>>>>>>>>>> Thanks
>>>>>>>>>> Kendell Clark
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