[manjaro-dev] new mate and gnome desktop settings packages needed

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 18:30:26 CET 2016

hi all
I hate to ask again, but ringo32 has helped me fix some of the keyboard
shortcuts in our gnome and mate schemas, and I need another desktop
settings update. However, I've put a work in progress sonar sound theme
in the directory until I've finished with it. Would someone mind moving
that somewhere where it won't get included in the desktop packages? It's
not in either the gnome or mate  directories, so I'm hoping that means
it's not at risk, but I thought I'd tell everyone. Once the sound theme
is complete I'll of course package it up properly, but in the meantime I
needed it somewhere where both the sonar devs and our users could access
it and give feedback. Thanks ringo for all your help. Turns out I needed
to replace 'control' with 'primary' Who would've thought? By the way,
does anyone know what's going on with this weird lightdm bug I keep
running into? I hope I'm not being a pest, and I'm only curious. I'm
getting a lot of rather impatient requests for a new mate image, and I'm
stuck. I don't mean to rush anyone, this is important to me but by no
means critical. Before the new desktop packages are released, would
someone who can see mind making sure all these schemas do what they're
supposed to (background set properly, screen saver background works, etc)?
Kendell Clark

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