[manjaro-dev] Update with Manjaro Arm

Josh Crowder dodgejcr at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 05:53:12 CET 2016


As some of you may know, I have been very inactive as of late. I have 
been diagnosed with some pretty severe medical issues that need my 
attention for hours, daily. These treatments will continue for the next 
6-8 months. I am afraid that I may have to look for someone to take over 
the Manjaro-Arm project and turn it into something that has already 
proven that is desired by the users but for now, I will try my best to 
continue what I can.

I have a very outdated repo now because I have not attempted to update 
anything until the boxit server (or some replacement?) is working. I 
have no idea what is in the works for that on Manjaro x86 side and I 
know you guys are going through some heavy development leading to some 
large changes. I have read up on everything I can to figure out a way to 
do it manually or semi-manually using http instead of rsync and it is 
nearly impossible. I hope the Archlinux-Arm mirrors disabling rsync on 
their servers is not going to hinder the Manjaro-Arm progress moving 
forward but if anyone has any ideas on what could possibly work, please 
let me know.

Outside of the mirrors, I have been on standby for anything else. In the 
upcoming week(s) I am going to be playing around more with makechrootpkg 
and seeing how we could possibly use that in a profile sense to automate 
the package building just a bit more. Having an image with LVM 
partitions that you could just DD onto the card is a pretty good option 
(more raspberry pi native) but the standard tarball is working well for 
now. I'm not sure, just yet, what would be the easiest, most feasible, 
or most stable way of working all this in together.

If any of the great Manjaro minds has an idea that might help me out a 
bit, please let me know. If not, this is where I currently stand. I have 
servers sponsored from Linode and Digital Ocean ready, just need to get 
the repo going.

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