[manjaro-dev] is it ok if I add some broadcom wifi firmware files to the manjaro-firmware package?

eugen at manjaro.org eugen at manjaro.org
Tue Feb 23 14:49:17 CET 2016

Hello Kendell,
I usually uninstall the default driver in Manjaro Settings Manager and 
then run sudo modprobe b43. After that my WiFi works. I have Broadcom 
Don't know if it helps in this discussion.

On 2016-02-23 08:25, kendell clark wrote:
> hi all
> I've recently installed sonar onto my used macbook. It has a broadcom
> bcm4322 wireless card which requires firmware. I've obtained the
> firmware files from the b43-firmware package in the aur. If it's ok, I
> can add these files to the manjaro-firmware package so these cards work
> out of the box. I wanted to ask first before simply adding it.
> Thanks
> Kendell clark
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