[manjaro-dev] built sonar images don't speak

artoo artoo at manjaro.org
Sun Feb 21 17:53:40 CET 2016

What profile are we talking about?
I checked gnome and it did talk in vbox.
As far as changes to manjaro-tools, these shouldn't effect the profiles, 
but my lxqt-minimal booted well.

Am 21.02.2016 um 17:07 schrieb Philip Müller:
> Hi Kendell,
> which manjaro-tools version do you use? I'm currently using
> manjaro-tools-git r1909.6a8a408-1. I've to check some things before I
> dig into Sonar-Profiles again. Also I recommend to use 'unstable' branch
> and test again. We have updated profiles and base-settings there.
> @Marcus: did you checked the latest changes yet? I had no time yet to check.

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