[manjaro-dev] Android like Factory Reset (Idea)

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Oh, that's why the Android factory reset is unbelievably fast. Got it. Thanks for your time.

12.02.2016, 20:01, "Jonathon Fernyhough" <jonathon at manjaro.org>:
> On 12/02/16 16:26, .. wrote:
>>  I get it. Out of curiosity I want to add something though.
>>  So, my phone came preinstalled with 4.4.2. kitkat,
>>  since than it got a couple of small updates, still on kitkat but the build number changed.
>>  Then, I did a factory reset, but the build number didn't go back. So, what I think is
>>  It might have a way to keep the installation medium on the local disk updated
>>  with the system as well. Would it be incorrect to think that way?
> The Android file system is not the same as a standard Linux OS and
> consists of a number of parts, generally:
> Boot
> System
> Data
> Cache
> Dalvik-Cache
> Boot and System are almost exclusively read-only. Users' data and
> applications (including updates to system applications) are stored in a
> separate partition (Data).
> When you perform a "factory reset" Android wipes Data, Cache, and
> Dalvik-Cache, leaving the phone in a "clean" original state. When you
> update your Android version, it flashes a new image to the Boot and
> System partitions (and also clears Cache and Dalvik-Cache).
> Think of it being similar to an Ubuntu Live USB with persistence;
> clearing the Casper partition will revert the Live USB back to "stock".
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