[manjaro-dev] desktop settings questions

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 11:23:51 CET 2016

hi all
I've been struggling with a couple of problems with our sonar images. 
Newly built images start up with both the magnifier, called zoom in 
gnome turned on, and the onscreen keyboard turned on by default. This 
causes orca not to be able to focus on the desktop, in addition to 
making the desktop look ... strange. I know how to turn them off in the 
system panel under accessibility, but not how to turn them off in our 
gsettings schema. Would someone mind doing that for me? Or telling  me 
what key to watch for so I know where to look? My next question concerns 
keyboard shortcuts. When we switched over to the gsettings schema 
overrides, all of our default keyboard shortcuts no longer work. I'm not 
at all sure how to change these in the schema, so I'll start by listing 
the shortcuts we have by default. Volume down, up and mute are set to 
control+windows+down, up and m, respectively. Hide all normal windows, 
to focus on the desktop is set to windows+d. Toggling the magnifier, 
toggle zoom is what it's called in gnome's universal access is set to 
alt+windows+z, for zoom. To zoom in is set to alt+windows++ (plus). To 
zoom out is set to alt+windows+- (minus).  To ocr the current window, is 
set to alt+windows+o. This will need to be added as a custom command, 
and the command field set to /usr/bin/ocrdesktop. That's all of our 
keyboard shortcuts. Speaking of which, does anyone know of a way to 
dynamically generate a keyboard shortcuts.txt file with the shortcuts, 
so I don't need to hand edit them? Along with getting the version from 
lsb-release? I'm no script writer but this would be extremely handy. I'd 
be happy to generate a dconf binary if that would make it easier to 
generate a schema override for the keys, I don't expect this done for 
me. Lastly, I'm getting a used mac for my birthday. It's a late 2009 
model, and I'm not sure if it's a 64 bit one or not, but I believe so. 
Do these macs have 64 bit uefi firmware and if so, are there any special 
steps needed to get sonar and manjaro working on them? I bought one 
mainly because I've always wanted one and also to vastly improve sonar's 
support for them, since I've been getting a lot of interest from apple 
users. I'd in particular like to do what fedora does and create a very 
small hfsplus partition on the flash drive with a fake moc kernel binary 
pointing to grub which makes apple think it's booting osx. I'm not sure 
exactly how fedora does it, but I have a fedora image I'd be glad to 
dissect and provide details. Ideally this would be part of the manjaro 
build process but again, I won't be of much help there. Is there any 
interest in this?
Thanks for reading
Kendell Clark

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