[manjaro-dev] [pacman-dev] v5.0 is out now

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Sat Jan 30 08:39:07 CET 2016

Hi team,

Archlinux just pushed out pacman v5.0 to their testing repositories.
Guillaume is already working on adopting these changes to pamac. I don't
know yet how compatible Octopi is for this version.

I'll create a pacman-dev package soon, so we can test this new release
also on our end without rushing things. These are the changes so far:

- pacman can run hooks pre- and post-transaction. See the
  alpm-hooks(5) man page for details and an example hook (FS#2985)
- pacman can now sync and read .files databases (-Fy) and do basic
  searching for files in sync repos (-Fs, -Fo) (FS#23787)
- pacman can check the validity of the local and sync databases
  (-Dk and -Dkk respectively).  This replaces the 'testdb'
  software (FS#42444)
- the package description output (-Si ,-Qi) is now correctly
  aligned regardless of locale (FS#43983, FS#45997)
- ensure internal package version matches database version after
  downloading (FS#45687)
- improved signal handling and lock file removal (FS#45995,
  FS#46375, FS#47011)
- print more information when encountering dependency errors
- improved configuration parsing with a new ini parser
- handle a symlink to a directory being replaced by a directory
- The 'pkgbase' variable is now recorded in the local package db
- Remove support for ".pacorig" files.  Instead, packages files
  are extracted as a ".pacnew" and the original stays in place
- prevent install scriptlets using stdin for user interaction
- provides are considered when displaying optdepends install
  status (FS#36412)
- always update corrupt database whether or not a newer version
  is found on the remote server
- fix build issues when libarchive was in a non-standard location
- Many issues found using Coverity were address (primarily freeing
  memory on error conditions)
- The pactest suite was upgraded to allow parallel testing using
  the tap.sh library
- makepkg:
  - makepkg is in the process of being split into a library. This
    allows various areas to be extended by adding a file into
    libmakepkg (e.g. package/PKGBUILD checking, adjusting
    files before creating the final package).
  - PKGBUILD variables checked to be arrays or not as appropriate
  - pkgver() and prepare() are now run with --noextract (FS#43498,
  - the ability to build a single package in a PKGBUILD has been
  - the output when checking checksums for architecture specific
    sources is improved (FS#43444)
  - improved handling of bazaar sources (FS#43448)
  - fix source package signing with SRCPKGDIR set
  - add option to compress png images with optipng
  - add --packagelist option, which lists all packages build from
  - add --printsrcinfo flag to print SRCINFO file for a PKGBUILD
  - record build information in a .BUILDINFO file
  - add whirlpool to list of hashing options (FS#45859)
- makepkg-template:
  - support multiple --template-dir
  - added a testsuite
- repo-add:
  - Always generate the .files database
  - Only update database if the entire operation succeeds
  - unarmored package signatures are rejected
- contrib:
  - checkupdates: give error when fakeroot is missing
  - checkupdates: provide packages versions in output
  - checkupdates: fix failure in some locales (FS#40405)
  - paccache: Add -q/--quiet
  - pacdiff: do not require DIFFPROG for -o/--output (FS#46184)
  - zsh_completion: updated to fix many missing options

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