[manjaro-dev] having minor issues with sonar profile

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Mon Jan 25 19:27:20 CET 2016

Hi Kendell,

a lot stuff had happend within manjaro-tools lately. 0.10.1 just got
released. I've to verify your issues. The user manjaro should have full
access to sudo without password request. Same should be for sonar as
live-user. As the desktop files get generated by manjaro-tools we have
to see about branding. Seems there are still some caveats left.

Am 25.01.2016 um 11:22 schrieb kendell clark:
> hi all
> I'm still in the process of squashing a few bugs before releasing new
> sonar images. I'm having two minor bugs to squash. On the desktop, the
> installer icons are labeled as "install manjaro" instead of "install
> sonar". This doesn't matter to me, but it could confuse a new user.
> There are also two icons, one for thus and one for calamares. I'd like
> to focus on calamares, but I won't remove the thus icon until calamares
> works. The other one is with the calamares icon. I can't get it to
> launch. I click on it, and the installer window never opens. If I go
> into a terminal and enter sudo /usr/bin/calamares, as the exec line in
> the desktop pfile /usr/share/applications/calamares.desktop does, I get
> prompted for a password. Once that is entered, the window opens but orca
> can't see it. It won't focus on it for installation. I'm almost certain
> this is not a bug in calamares because the one time I could focus on it
> it was quite accessible. I'm not sure how to fix these. The manjaro
> stuff in the icons isn't absolutely critical, more of a curiosity. We're
> not trying to hide the fact that we're basically a talking manjaro. The
> calamares bug isn't critical, but I'm not sure where to go from hear.
> Should there be a rule in /etc/sudoers.d to allow calamares to be
> launched without requiring a password? I'm not sure this can be done,
> but this would stop the pw being asked without a window opened to enter it.
> Thoughts?
> Kendell clark
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