[manjaro-dev] espeak text to speech has been forked

Bernhard Landauer oberon at manjaro.org
Fri Jan 8 18:26:11 CET 2016

Now that I see the pkgdesc:
"Next generation open source speech synthesizer based on Espeak"
Will it maybe be more correct to build espeak-ng and replace espeak?

On 08/01/16 18:18, Bernhard Landauer wrote:
> For everything you explain I think we should definitely use the new 
> sources with the old name, because like that the old package will be 
> updated for the current users with a working version!
> On 08/01/16 18:11, kendell clark wrote:
>> hi
>> This is the main reason I switched to espeak-ng, because of the build 
>> errors. The current manjaro espeak package causes phoneme errors, 
>> which means espeak spells out each word rather than saying it. This 
>> does not happen with espeak-ng. Reece's fork on github I believe is 
>> no longer maintained in favor of espeak-ng, which is another reason I 
>> switched. There has also been a lot of internal rework of espeak's 
>> code in espeak-ng, which should severely cut down on build errors. Wx 
>> widgets is also no longer needed which will reduce the size 
>> considerably. Ruby-ronn is needed to convert the markdown 
>> documentation into html but I've already added this to the pkgbuild
>> Thanks
>> Kendell clark
>> On 01/08/2016 11:00 AM, Bernhard Landauer wrote:
>>> Hi Kendell!
>>> First of all let me say that you are certainly not stepping on 
>>> anyone's toes, don't you worry! ;) :)
>>> The current manjaro version of espeak uses Reece Dunn's fork 
>>> already, but it looks like you are using another new source now.
>>> When we had our huge ABI rebuild I was not able to compile espeak 
>>> anymore and Philip had to perform some advanced magic to be able to 
>>> re-buld the package at all.
>>> I would suggest that we simply use the -ng source to build a new 
>>> manjaro espeak package with the same old name. What do you think, 
>>> Philip?
>>> kind greetings
>>> Bernhard
>>> On 08/01/16 17:42, kendell clark wrote:
>>>> hi all
>>>> I wrote a message to the orca and other blindness related linux 
>>>> lists a few weeks back, but I'm writing one hear. The espeak text 
>>>> to speech program and voices have been forked by reece dunn, the 
>>>> developer of the espeak fork for android. This was done because 
>>>> multiple people have tried and failed to get ahold of johnathan 
>>>> duddington, some going as far as to get his uk phone number and 
>>>> address, which no longer seem to be active.
>>>> I have uploaded an espeak-ng package to the community repository, 
>>>> or a package build at least. This has been tested and does work on 
>>>> my system. I have not deleted the existing espeak package build 
>>>> because this is maintained by burnhard, and I won't remove other's 
>>>> packages without conscent. I have uploaded this package because 
>>>> most linux distributions have switched or are going to switch over 
>>>> to espeak-ng, because it seems unlikely that espeak itself will see 
>>>> much development. However this is a git package, temporarily. Once 
>>>> espeak-ng has an official release, which will happen very soon, I 
>>>> will convert this to using the stable version, since I think git 
>>>> packages are frowned upon. I hope I haven't misstepped, I am only 
>>>> trying to stay on top of things.
>>>>  I'm also not sure who should maintain this. I don't think I'm good 
>>>> enough at package builds to maintain them myself, but I could 
>>>> certainly help co maintain with someone else, updating the version 
>>>> to stable when available, making small changes hear and there so 
>>>> the actual maintainer doesn't have to do so much work. Any 
>>>> thoughts, criticisms, comments, etc very welcome
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Kendell clark
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