[manjaro-dev] [manjaro-tools] Migration to a new iso-profiles structure

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Thu Dec 10 12:45:46 CET 2015

Am 10.12.2015 um 12:41 schrieb James Kittsmiller:
> Thanks philip, I'll use the script as soon as I get a chance. I already
> compared the pkg-lists and other than a few minor differences in packages
> there is nothing there to explain the 1.xx gig size difference other than
> Plasma has increased in size itself. Besides, we we're already begining to
> push 2.1 gig's prior to the Plasma 5.5 release to begin with.

Well, then compare the build-log, if you have any. There the sizes are
recorded for each overlay-image. I've to check if there are some size
differences between 15.09 and 15.12-rc1 on my end ...

manjaro-kde-15.09-x86_64.iso 	2015-09-27 	2.0 GB
manjaro-kde-15.09-i686.iso 	2015-09-27 	1.8 GB

manjaro-kde-15.12-rc1-x86_64.iso 2015-12-07 	1.9 GB 	
manjaro-kde-15.12-rc1-i686.iso 	 2015-12-07 	1.8 GB

... well no ...

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