[manjaro-dev] some miscellaneous questions

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 09:32:31 CET 2015

hi all
This is an odd question, but hear it goes. I'd like a way to grab the
pkgbuilds of some of the packages manjaro has. In mainstream archlinux I
can do this by installing and using the abs tool, which clones all of
them into ... I believe it's /var/abs. This doesn't seem to exist in
manjaro, but I know there's a way to get the pkgbuilds. I want to get
the espeak pkgbuild and add some options to the ./configure line to
build some extended dictionaries for chinese and russian that aren't
included by default, before sending it back upstream to be fixed in the
main pkgbuild. I'm part of the manjaro organization on github, so I
believe that makes me able to make and maintain packages, but I'm not at
all clear on how to do it. There's also a couple of packages I'd like to
have for future sonar versions, but bernhard has done more than enough
packages for me, so I'd like to maintain them myself. These are
pidgin-skype in the aur, tox-prpl, and telegram-purple, also in the aur.
The idea is to provide a complete set of protocols for pidgin for both
sonar and manjaro users. I'm new at most of this, so how do I get emails
of new releases of these packages so I can update the pkgbuilds?  I'm
trying not to burden the package maintainers with every single package
I'd like to go into sonar. An alternative would be to provide a way to
build aur packages and place them on the images, but that might be
easier said then done.
Kendell clark
, also in the aur.

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