[manjaro-dev] help autostarting systemd services

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Tue Nov 10 14:53:52 CET 2015

Hi Kendel,

Philip and I resolved withthe Brltty related second issue with I wrote 
previous my answer this thread.
Philip created the community repository a brltty-sonar package, with 
equals the brltty package, but containing I doed modification with 
/etc/brlapi.key file permissions and owner related.

Your Sonar profiles doesn't need adding the sonar live user the 
/etc/brlapi group, so need editing your profiles profile.conf files.
You need completing the Sonar GNOME release related package file (and 
the mate profile proper package file if Sonar mate release containing 
the brltty package) to first during build process install build tools 
the brltty-sonar package, before gnome-extra or orca package with Mate 
I succesfully build a custom GNOME profile with containing right now the 
brltty-sonar package, modified BRLTTY daemon automatically starts during 
boot, and Orca right communicate the BRLTTY daemon without need adding 
live system username the /etc/brlapi group.
The brltty-sonar package doesn't creating with the brlapi group, this is 
not need anymore with Sonar releases.

Existing Sonar users have possibility to migrate this new package, 
enough to install the brltty-sonar package. When the users doing this, 
the original brltty package are removed the installed systems and new 
brltty-sonar package will be installing correct.

Hopefully this fix helps you when generating new Sonar builds,


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