[manjaro-dev] installer problems

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Sat Sep 26 09:42:53 CEST 2015

On 26.09.2015 02:54, Steven Norton wrote:
> I have successfully installed Manjaro on two different computers, but
> cannot get it to install on a third. I have two Dell Optiplex 760's
> (Core2Duo CPUs), both with HD's split into three partitions. One has MEPIS
> and a damaged Lubuntu partition and I was able to install Manjaro on the
> third partition (replacing Scientific Linux, IIRC). Manjaro runs great on
> that machine, and I have been able to install (very easily!) the Nvidia
> drivers which have given me headaches for months on other distros. That is
> all the reason I need to install Manjaro on the second Dell 760, but it
> won't work! This HD has Linux Mint, Linux Lite, and a blank partition, but
> I cannot get the installer to run. I have tried Manjaro Xfce and Cinnamon,
> and tried the GUI and CLI installers on both. Always, the installer hangs
> when it tries to unmount already mounted devices. Is there any alternative,
> or an updated installer, available ? I'm really eager to get these Nvidia
> drivers on the second machine.
> TIA,

I'm about to release Manjaro 15.09 this weekend. It has updated
installers. Then you can try again. Another option would be to unmount
those partitions before you start the installer. Did you tried 15.09-rc4

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