[manjaro-dev] Proposal for a background image - agave flower and wasp

Schulenburg, Manfred mschulenburg at gmx.net
Fri Sep 4 21:26:45 CEST 2015

Dear Phil,

no, for the moment I do not have any other, at least not under Creative 
Commons. But if you have a package of "other wallpapers", feel free to 
put it there. Well, as it's Creative Commons of course you can do as you 
like, it's just that I like this particular photo so much. And as I am 
myself a fan of your distribution ...

Thanks anyway for the quick reply and the general interest. I'll see if 
at a later stage I put more photos under Creative Commons.

Best regards


Am 04.09.2015 um 20:23 schrieb Philip Müller:
> Am 04.09.2015 um 17:20 schrieb Manfred Schulenburg:
>> Dear all,
>> I am a user of Manjaro Linux.
>> I just uploaded one of my photographic works to wikimedia under Creative Commons
>> license and I am happy to propose it as a background image for your Linux
>> distribution:
>> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mschulenburg-agavenbluete.jpg
>> Kind regards
>> Manfred Schulenburg
>> Luxembourg
> Hey Manfred,
> I really like your photograph. If you have some more pictures you want
> to share I can make a package for example: schulenburg-wallpapers ;)
> Lets see how we implement this into Manjaro.
> greez
> Phil

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