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Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Wed Jul 29 07:18:33 CEST 2015

On 29.07.2015 02:31, Josh Stephens wrote:
> Manjaro Team,
>    I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction on
> getting started with helping out in Manjaro. I currently work as a Sr.
> Linux Systems Admin and have expirerence with python, bash, and just a
> little bit of C. I noticed on the manjaro blog that it said you were
> looking for help. I have been a user for sometime but mostly under the
> radar and I am finally looking to contirbute.
> Thanks,
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Hi Josh,

great hearing from you. Manjaro is becoming bigger and bigger each day.
So also our community. New people are always welcome. We are a community
project. Some of us are students, others are freelancers and some are
working for other companies. What we all have in common is: We do
Manjaro in our free time as a little tiny hobby project.

You're welcome to join us for sure. I only wanted to make that clear.

So, working for a community project is similar to that what you do in a
normal job. Currently we communicate within our forum in a private
section, host our code on github, you can simply fork and push changes
to it via merge requests or contact us via IRC. Our wiki is a great
place for documentation. Manjaro is fun so are also our people creating it.

It is easier to join Manjaro than joining into other projects, as there
some other rules are given. Here we do what everybody can do best for
himself. Together we make all parts to a complete product. It doesn't
matter if you can code good. It is even better to find issues and
provide a possible solution for it. Sometimes the code creator simply
don't see it.

Next step would be to register to our forums. If you don't get a reply
to your registration, give me a quick note and I apply all needed
approvals. If you find some interesting, just tell me.

Here is a quick overview of our current projects:


- graphical package manager for GTK3
- uses Vala
- easy to use
- lot of potential to evolve


- next big thing in installation framework
- we might use this installer in near future
- qt5/cc+11 based
- real flexible
- you can simply create your own unique installer out of it


- our mothership of UIs for our users
- qt5/cc+11 based
- currently we port it to Plasma5 kcm parts
- for GTK desktops we plan to have similar features
- will be integrated into system settings of each desktop seamlessly
- lot of potential to evolve


- our unique hardware detection tool
- qt4/5/cc++11 based
- cli application
- uses simple profiles for hardware configuration
- get it to the next level


- server management
- our unique way to combine Arch upstream package seamlessly with our own
- lot of potential to evolve

Many more to come


Project lead

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