[manjaro-dev] OLD GUI installer not configuring md RAID

jaskij jaskij at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 13:20:01 CET 2015

Welcome everyone

When installing manjaro to a system with RAID the live image discovers and
configures the RAID partitions by itself, while the GUI installer fails to
write the mdadm configuration to mdadm.conf and it doesn't add mdadm_udev
hook to mkinitcpio.conf .

Since I put / on one of the md partitions the system failed to boot (solved
from live).

I realise that with 0.9.0 and Calamares the old installer will soon be
depreciated, so since I have some spare space on that RAID I can test the
0.9.0-pre2 in similar configuration.


Jan Dorniak
tel. 505-955-418
e-mail:jaskij at gmail.com
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