[manjaro-dev] Manjaro & systemd

philm at manjaro.org philm at manjaro.org
Wed Nov 19 12:52:07 CET 2014

Hi Stevan,

systemd is our default init-System. But we are open for choice. As for 
this we have a Core-Developer-Team which is working on openrc 
integration. We also provide OpenRC-Install-Medias in regular bases. 
Take a look at our forums and search for openrc. We will use it as an 
alternative with Manjaro 0.9-series for sure. Mainfocus right now is to 
release Manjaro 0.8.11. Our tools get ready now.

Hope we get some feedback from you regarding openrc.


Am 2014-11-19 02:51, schrieb Stevan Josimovic:
> Hi Philip,
> Can you please tell me what are the plans with systemd on Manjaro?
> I've been following for days discussions and voting in Debian
> community and am thoroughly disappointed with the results. I have very
> serious concerns about security and maturity of systemd. Also, I think
> that leaving the path of Unix development principals is asking for
> trouble in the long run. Finally putting systemd dependencies in other
> packages is shear madness. This will cause incredibly large
> consequences (read: damage) in GNU/Linux and FOSS communities.
> I really hope that Manjaro will leave a choice for its users regarding
> the init system. After all what kind of freedom do we have if we don't
> have a choice?
> Regards,
> Stevan

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