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Betreff: 	I'm Filipe Marques and I develop a GUI tool to Manjaro
Datum: 	Tue, 11 Nov 2014 16:49:18 +0000
Von: 	Filipe Marques <eagle.software3 at gmail.com>
An: 	philm at manjaro.org


My name is Filipe Marques, I wish to ask you to please spare me a few 
minutes to read this letter and consider its contents.

I use Manjaro GNU/Linux for some time and I am really enjoying the 
simplicity, ease of use and being user friendly.
I also like the philosophy of rolling release model, to be 100% 
compatible and based on ArchLinux and management software packages 
pacman and yaourt.

The Manjaro GNU/Linux is not my first time on the use of GNU/Linux 
distros. I started by using Ubuntu in 2011 and then used Linux Mint 
Debian Edition, Debian, openSUSE, the latter, I stilluse.
I was tired to reinstall Ubuntu versions to have a system and updated 
packages and even using Linux Mint Debian Edition with semi-rolling 
release model does not convince me.
It seemed unfair not to try other GNU/Linux distributions such as Arch 
Linux, so I researched and found Manjaro GNU/Linux and I downloaded the 
official version of Xfce and I love this version.
When I was installing, I was reading the user guide and noticed that the 
part of the program using the GNU Coreutils sha1sum to verify hashes, 
there is no GUI program for this purpose, and a user using the first 
time a GNU/Linux distribution and also the command line is bit scary!

As I am a developer and also a web developer, I made a GUI wrapper for 
GNU Coreutils sha1sum to make the operation of comparing hashes of isos 
and txt files easier.
The program is called Check Hash and the project is licensed under the 
GNU GPL v. 3 and is on the website:
and the program was developed with the principle (KISS).

So, I ask you to test this program and accept it inofficial versions of 
Manjaro GNU/Linux, as well as in the user guide.
In this project you only need to edit in the source code, the folder 
path to start looking for the text file.

I want the Manjaro GNU/Linux pass the beta phase and be released.

I live in Portugal and I am unemployed, I am a computer technician and 
anything you need in terms of programming or web development contact me.
I have knowledge of C++, PHP and Python 3 programming.
I also have websites:
https://launchpad.net/~pmsw <https://launchpad.net/%7Epmsw>

Continue the good work

Filipe Marques

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