[manjaro-dev] Regarding manjaro and the upcoming Calamares Installer

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Sat Oct 11 09:11:41 CEST 2014

Hi Jesper,

I answer you some questions as I've no time right now to answer them all.

Regarding packages. It depends which mirror you're using. Some are 
outdated. Use the german one netzspielplatz. It syncs with our main 
server every 5 minutes.


Also join the mailing list to get notice when we update stuff:


For KDE, we are working on a new design and hopefully fix the issues 
you're facing.

kind regards

Am 10.10.2014 um 15:31 schrieb Jesper Larsen:
> Hi Philip,
> First I want to say that I really think Manjaro is a fantastic OS and 
> I find it to be one of the best linux distros out there. You and the 
> team are really doing a great job and it just gets better and better. 
> I think the new calamares installer looks really great too and I look 
> forward to see it replacing the thus installer. Another thing I like 
> is the login screen of the manjaro 0.8.11 pre2 KDE version, which I am 
> currently running.
> However I have some suggestions for features that I think you might 
> consider adding to the Manjaro 0.9 series and Calamares if technically 
> possible.
> I have been using Antergos and bridge Linux also for a while and what 
> I like about these systems is that I can get all the latest packages 
> from Arch and that they are almost as bleeding-edge as Arch. However, 
> it seems that I cannot get all the latest packages in Manjaro even 
> though I switch to upgrading from the unstable manjaro repos
> So I was thinking if you could consider adding an option to the 
> Calamares installer - i.e. in an advanced/custom installer option 
> where the user can choose between the standard installation with the 
> stable, older packages and older kernel or the upstream and more 
> unstable, bleeding edge packages including the latest kernel from the 
> default Arch repositories?
> It would be really nice if the user already during the installation 
> could choose their default repository.
> I would therefore suggest the following options added to Calamares:
> Choose default Manjaro repository:
> Stable: This is the default repository, where the installed packages 
> and kernel are older but more thoroughĺy tested. Choosing this option 
> will lead to the most stable system.
> Testing: Choosing this repository leads to a less stable but more 
> bleeding-edge system. The packages and kernel are newer than those in 
> the stable repository but less tested, however they are assumed to be 
> stable enough for
> Unstable: Choosing this repository leads to the most bleeding-edge 
> manjaro system with the latest packages and latest kernel installed. 
> These packages have not been tested as much as the packages in the 
> testing repository and thus there is a higher risk of system break downs.
> Arch repositories: Check this option to be able to install the very 
> latest and most upstream packages and kernel directly from the Arch 
> linux repositories - (packages that are more upstream than those in 
> the Manjaro unstable repository - most aggressively updated).
> Something like that...I hope you can use my ideas.
> Which python GUI are you using for modifying/editing the graphical 
> layout of Calamares ?
> Keep up the good work
> Best Regards
> Jesper

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