[manjaro-dev] [Manjaro Linux Support] Can not login in livecd

J Fernyhough j.fernyhough at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 00:28:06 CET 2014


It looks as though there may well be an issue with the Live images.
There are other users who have a similar issue:

> I download a DVD and tryed to install ... but I am unable to login into the GUI login screen ... it is asking for a user and a password .
> I went to the irc chat room and asked and was insulted that I did not know what I was doing and there is no logiin needed .
> then I was told to use user manjaro and password manjaro ... which did not work ... then told root and manjaro also did not work .
> I think you should check the latest install dvd and make it work .

For another it's even worse - he can't even boot from USB:

> Actually, if you want to sort this out, I'll help you.  I can't boot from USB flash and I have this exact problem of the endless
> MDM login loop requesting username/password.  DVD's are definitely good as they checksum match and boot up on another
> computer - both xfce & cinnamon i686 have the same problem.
> First off, is there a way to enter into the CLI installer without having to boot completely into the live session?
> I also tried dropping to the terminal and using the startx command (recommended elsewhere) but that basically entered me
> back into the login loop.  Using either free or non free drivers.
> specs Intel P4 HT
> nvidia 6200 PCI (must use legacy 304.xxx drivers)
> Since I cannot seem to use the USB work around, yeah, I'd be happy to sort this out.  My first attempt at manjaro was with
> 0.8.8 and that ran fine from live DVD but upon install filled the drive with log errors and corrupted the file system to where a
> reformat of the partition was necessary.  So I decided to wait for the next version to give it a real shot.  And here we are.
> So, what information do you need?  What commands should I run during this process to get that info for you?
> If we can't figure this out then  my next attempt will be to install the net version and give a shot at building the installation
> from scratch that way, though I admit that is a little above my pay grade.
> I'm familiar (though not an expert) with debian/ubuntu but new to arch/manjaro.
> Critter/dave

Others have "solved" this problem by using a USB flash drive instead
of a DVD - but this is really only a workaround.

I have no idea how Live images are constructed, hence the dev list email!


On 5 March 2014 06:55, Philip Müller <philm at manjaro.org> wrote:
> The terminal you should only see on the net-install media and not on any
> other media. It seems some went wrong. Maybe drivers. Can you post me some
> detail on your hardware?
> Am 04.03.2014 15:33, schrieb john:
>> From: john <jzepheazg at zeelandnet.nl>
>> Subject: Can not login in livecd
>> Message Body:
>> Hi,
>> The username and password for manjaro live cd is both the same, namely
>> manjaro and manjaro.
>> When i click on username and then fill in the password, and click on ok,
>> an extra character is added to the password.
>> Instead of seven, i have suddenly eight characters.
>> How to continue now? In short, i can't.
>> With kind regards,
>> John.
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