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Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Fri Dec 13 18:17:59 CET 2013

Sonar GNU/Linux is an accessible distribution built off of Manjaro. The 
versions of Sonar will be built off of the current Manjaro releases. If 
you are a new user to GNU/Linux you must understand that GNU/Linux is 
not a replacement of proprietary operating systems but an alternative. 
Since it is an alternative there are some differences between GNU/Linux 
and the proprietary operating systems. So there is going to be a small 
learning curve to understand how GNU/Linux operates and is structured. 
There are some similarities between the two so it is not like you will 
have to start from the beginning and forget everything you knew about 
the proprietary system you are coming from. Both systems do share some 

The best feature of Sonar is that it is Free software and if you depend 
of assertive technology this is the best option for you. Free software 
gives you 4 Freedoms that proprietary software doesn't give you,, in 
fact it restricts you. If you want to understand Free software then 
visit the FSF website 
to understand it completely because the FSF <http://www.fsf.org/> is 
where Free software began.

Sonar GNU/Linux is moving it's base from Ubuntu to Manjaro. Current 
alpha-releases for next years release are already based on Manjaro. I 
currently work hard to make re-branded profiles for Sonar Linux fully 
compatible with my development on manjaroiso. The first release of a 
community supported sonarlinux-profiles package can be found in our 
unstable branch.

I successfully built already a test-image to find any regressions. Here 
are the changes I did:

- user changed from manjaro to sonar
- hostname changed from manjaro to sonar
- re-branding of isolinux to fit Sonar Linux needs
- re-branding of filesystem to fit Sonar Linux needs
- re-branding of cli-installer to fit Sonar Linux needs
- thus fully supports new re-branding structure
- custom wallpapers to fit Sonar Linux needs

Known issues:

- somehow volume is muted on startup (wanted to be this way?)
- normal bugs also to been found on Manjaro

Please test and adjust that profile in the upstream branch of sonariso. 
Flashback I didn' touched yet since I recommend to focus on gnome-sonar 
profile first. Also take a look at shared-sonar base profile to find 
differences to share base profile of Manjaro.

kind regards and happy hacking

Philip Müller
Manjaro Lead-Developer

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