[manjaro-dev] [PATCH] Thus GPT/UEFI support fixes

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Fri Dec 13 14:49:47 CET 2013

Hi Ramon,

I committed new code from Upstream into thus development branch. Gustau 
already adopted your changes upstream:


So even he liked your code. If you want, please register to my gitlab so 
I can give you rights to work on thus-git directly. I recommend to use 
the development branch first. Later on we can merge the working code 
into master.

Can you write down how you test thus step by step so I can 
write a testing guide for people interesting in testing our software. 
Also do you know about the --staging switch? I always start thus in 
normal mode like this: 'sudo thus -dv'. For staging mode to test GPT in 
advanced I start it with: 'sudo thus -dvs' to get the staging settings 

Thx for the support from you so far.

The latest thus developement release you can find here:

sudo pacman -U 

kind regards


On 12/13/2013 02:08 PM, Ramon Buldo wrote:
> Hi,
> 2013/12/13 Philip Müller <philm at manjaro.org>:
>> Hi Ramon,
>> thx for the patch. One question: how did you test your work? In advanced
>> mode or in automatic?
> I tested using "manjaro-xfce-" in a usb, and
> only in automatic mode.
> I will test advanced mode now too.
>> Do you know about followed issues we are currently working on?
>> https://github.com/Antergos/Cnchi/issues/63
>> https://github.com/Antergos/Cnchi/issues/65
> Didn't know about them, maybe issue 65 will be fixed with the change in
> installation_process.py... needs testing.
>> kind regards
>> Phil
> Ramon Buldó

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