[manjaro-dev] Spammer on forums

Ringo de Kroon ringodekroon at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 23:10:12 CET 2013

Te trol is one person on irc is dificult to block , he lives in 
US/canada timezone. And knows lot about proxy´s.

I mentioned ruziel to register his name, i wont do that :)

For moment i have ruziel banned on #manjaro-talk , bit of unregistred 
Dont like it but is for moment nothing else on #freenode advices set 
users to quiet is also not a proper solution. When all operators is gone.

have setup a Site for irc users have to read it minimal by login. i m 
busy on an but but i must see to secure te bot. He seems to know te weak 
spot of that eggdrop... i dont test it out my own system because i dont 
want to be hacked.

It  is possible he will come several time more on forum.

buffy2 is also his spam name..

and it is posible he duplicate some name, zenther is an op in irc it 
could be he will register like zenther_
or ringo64 ..

thats all..

to say for now.

ringo de kroon <ringodekroon at gmail.com>

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