[manjaro-dev] manjaro-dev Digest, Vol 4, Issue 25

Ringo de Kroon ringodekroon at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 12:06:14 CET 2013

My system cannot be farther up to date then it is..
i am not the only one in unstable.

removing one |  i didnt see the link but i did just edditing it wil show 
the message and will install those
but i cant goes further...
the line doestnt do as it should i tried to contact culinax on irc but 
he wasnt there.
here doesnt work 'yoyo' in forum also not...on his case to 3.12 in my 
case to try to 3.8 ..

 >This is not a bug. You have to update your system first. This was 
added by this cmd and was forgotten before: 
 >http://git.manjaro.org/core/mhwd/commit/95fd505d9319b6e9b0b51c74d801b358c1866226 On 11/14/2013 07:28 PM,

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