[manjaro-dev] [irc] issue ...

Ringo de Kroon ringodekroon at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 02:05:05 CET 2013

Hi is not really a manjaro-system issue, but just some growing 
irritation on irc. not that big but just slightly..

not that bring big issues..One of the supporters on irc. Gave Zenther op 
status to take some cleanance..

but this is think alreadysome longer period they questioned aboutthat..

Manjaro website use webchat from freenode nothing miss with.

but configuring webchat is also simple  but you can configure Webchat 
that users can pick the name of choice.

sthis is the issue when loads of qwebircXXXX comes it confusing.. you 
have constant tel use /nick ..

i dont know who got some right to change some webchat option to pick a 
name from start.. it will help a lot since some people ignores 'qwebirc"

it would be fine if that can changed.

greetings ringo

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