[manjaro-dev] Static (non-rolling) option

Petko Ditchev pditchev at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 12:35:16 CET 2013

Just my 2 cents - I think there are enough 'freeze' distros out there . 
That's what's unique about Manjaro - that it's faster pace , but still 
one notch below Arch , so there's the added stability . I'd be happy to 
see the project expand , but the frozen-distro user-base has a lot of 
fully developed fully focused competitors for it.


On 11/07/2013 08:28 AM, Philip Müller wrote:
> This is possible and we already have some ideas regarding this topic. 
> Actually Roland is working on such a thing with a different 
> prospective. This will mean a different concept as we have it now. 
> Also lots of testing. When we have some we can inform you. Might also 
> want to look at frugalware, which basically does this concept you're 
> talking about.
> Rolling releases have some downs but we try to fix them. We already 
> slowed it down a little but most of the people need or like the 
> current speed.
> I think adding a longer testing period in testing might help to get it 
> much more stable. Maybe you point me to the edges on our current 
> concept and what you miss right now.
> On 11/07/2013 01:25 AM, Rob wrote:
>> Heyas,
>> What do you all think of the concept of a Manjaro 'static' (or i 
>> guess we could loosely use the term 'LTS'), non-rolling branch?
>> It would give users an option where update woes are only a 
>> possibility once or twice a year, instead of the potential for 
>> regular issues that comes with rolling. (The forums seem to be 
>> proving my point more and more every week.)
>> I realise if such a thing were to be implemented within the Manjaro 
>> infrastructure it means like 66% more space needed on every mirror 
>> (based on a 2-branch model).
>> FYI I'm kinda-sorta-probably planning to do it even if you guys 
>> aren't interested ;p
>> http://www.paradoxcomputers.com.au/icebound.txt
>> So, is there any interest in running such a thing within Manjaro 
>> infrastructure?
>> If you're interested, I'm willing to commit a lot of my time to it. 
>> I'm willing to pretty much oversee the whole branch if desired, 
>> including doing all the initial testing at update times myself, etc.
>> However, If it were to happen, I'd greatly prefer all updates added 
>> to the repo be checked/approved by 2 people, so I would need to find 
>> one other person with plenty of packaging experience (and general 
>> Linux knowledge) to commit to it and be the second set of eyes 
>> signing off on package updates with me.
>> Regards,
>> Rob.

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