[manjaro-dev] Static (non-rolling) option

Rob korrode at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 01:25:19 CET 2013


What do you all think of the concept of a Manjaro 'static' (or i guess we
could loosely use the term 'LTS'), non-rolling branch?

It would give users an option where update woes are only a possibility once
or twice a year, instead of the potential for regular issues that comes
with rolling. (The forums seem to be proving my point more and more every

I realise if such a thing were to be implemented within the Manjaro
infrastructure it means like 66% more space needed on every mirror (based
on a 2-branch model).

FYI I'm kinda-sorta-probably planning to do it even if you guys aren't
interested ;p

So, is there any interest in running such a thing within Manjaro

If you're interested, I'm willing to commit a lot of my time to it. I'm
willing to pretty much oversee the whole branch if desired, including doing
all the initial testing at update times myself, etc.

However, If it were to happen, I'd greatly prefer all updates added to the
repo be checked/approved by 2 people, so I would need to find one other
person with plenty of packaging experience (and general Linux knowledge) to
commit to it and be the second set of eyes signing off on package updates
with me.

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