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Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Wed Nov 6 20:28:14 CET 2013

We can build some internals instead before we release something to be 
tested by the public. When I'm done with the kernels I upload syslinux4 
and you can test after I checked with manjaroiso. You might see some 
commits in gitlab about it. Then there might be no need to push to many 
RCs out ...

syslinux6 supports EFI now. This is great news for a graphical menu but 
currently it seems not to work properly. We use a different system to 
boot UEFI and I even don't know if that works at all. syslinux4 was only 
used for BIOS so I revert any changes I did to adopt to syslinux6 and we 
wait until there is a working way by upstream (Arch) to use syslinux as 
the one livecd bootloader for all cases ...

Am 06.11.2013 20:25, schrieb Carl Duff:
> Well, again I'll test it thoroughly, so we should get away without too 
> many RCs. I have three latops to test it on, with a fourth being 
> bought tomorrow.
> And no, only two are mine.
> On 6 November 2013 19:22, Philip Müller <philm at manjaro.org 
> <mailto:philm at manjaro.org>> wrote:
>     Well, it can only be this change. I don't care to use syslinux4
>     for our live-medias. It makes no sense at all to ship something
>     broken. It changed with RC1 so we can change it back with RC3 and
>     test it again. I still hope we don't have to do a RC4 or so. Thus
>     gets only translations and small bugfixes. I don't plan to add any
>     new feature to it now. Also Antergos just add some normal code to
>     Cnchi ...
>     Am 06.11.2013 20:20, schrieb Carl Duff:
>>     The joys of a bleeding edge system, eh?
>>     On 6 November 2013 19:17, Philip Müller <philm at manjaro.org
>>     <mailto:philm at manjaro.org>> wrote:
>>         I think it should simply work. I might have to modify
>>         manjaroiso once more to get the old isolinux menu running.
>>         I adapted to syslinux 6-series. Lets see what is needed for
>>         syslinux 4-series to be restored ...
>>         Currently I'm compiling some kernels.
>>         Am 06.11.2013 20:14, schrieb Carl Duff:
>>>         Checked pre3, RC1, RC2,  and this seems to be correct.
>>>         If you make the change, then I will test the ISO thoroughly,
>>>         both in a VM and for real ASAP. Just let me know when.
>>>         We (as in people who know about this stuff) will also have
>>>         to think of any possible long-term ramifications...
>>>         Carl
>>>         On 6 November 2013 19:06, Philip Müller <philm at manjaro.org
>>>         <mailto:philm at manjaro.org>> wrote:
>>>             If I'm correct we have followed versions of syslinux
>>>             used for our images:
>>>    <>:    syslinux 4.07-1
>>>             0.8.8pre3:   syslinux 4.07-1
>>>             0.8.8rc1:     syslinux 6.02-3
>>>             0.8.8rc2:     syslinux 6.02-4
>>>             So I can create a new package called syslinux4 we can
>>>             use for our livecd and see what happens.

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